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Research centres

Country Institution People Involved E-mail address Area of Interest

Stenni B. stenni[at]units.it Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Braida M. martina.braida[at]phd.units.it Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Bonazza M. mattia.bonazza[at]gmail.com Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Mezgec K. karinmezgec[at]hotmail.com Sediment cores (micropaleontology, diatoms)  
Melis R. melis[at]units.it Sediment cores (micropaleontology)  
Colizza E. colizzae[at]units.it Sediment cores (sedimentology)  
Salvi C. salvi[at]units.it Divulgation activities  
Protopsalti I. protopsa[at]units.it Divulgation activities  
Maggi V. valter.maggi[at]unimib.it Ice cores (dust)  
Delmonte B. barbara.delmonte[at]unimib.it Ice cores (dust, geochemistry)  
Mazzola C. claudia.mazzola1[at]unimib.it Ice cores (dust)  
Albani S. samuel.albani[at]unimib.it Ice cores (dust and models)  
Selmo E. enricomaria.selmo[at]unipr.it Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Traversi R. rita.traversi[at]unifi.it Ice cores (chemistry)  
Severi M. mirko.severi[at]unifi.it Ice cores (chemistry)  
Ghedini C. costanza.ghedini[at]unifi.it Ice cores (chemistry)  
Giorgetti G. giovanna.giorgetti[at]unisi.it Sediment cores (clay minerals))  
Verducci M. verducci[at]unisi.it Sediment cores (stable isotopes on foraminifera)  
Narcisi B. biancamaria.narcisi[at]enea.it Ice cores (tephra)  
Frezzotti M. massimo.frezzotti[at]enea.it Ice cores (mass balance)  
Scarchilli C. claudio.scarchilli[at]enea.it Ice cores (climate model and meteo data)  
Presti M. mpresti[at]ogs.trieste.it Sediment cores (sedimentology and geochemistry)  
Caburlotto A. acaburlotto[at]ogs.trieste.it Sediment cores (sedimentology)  
Xavier Crosta x.crosta[at]epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr Marine cores (diatoms)  
Loïc Barbara l.barbara[at]epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr Holocene records of Antarctic sea ice  
Julien Crespin julien.crespin[at]weizmann.ac.il Holocene records of Antarctic glacier dynamic  
Guillaume Masse guillaume.masse[at]upmc.fr Marine cores (HBI content)  
Thomas Brown thomas.brown[at]plymouth.ac.uk Holocene records of Antarctic sea ice  
Johan Etourneau johan.etourneau[at]locean-ipsl.upmc.fr Holocene records of Antarctic sea ice  
Damien Cardinal Damien.Cardinal[at]locean-ipsl.upmc.fr Carbon and silicon cycles; silicon isotopes  
Valérie Masson-Delmotte valerie.masson[at]lsce.ipsl.fr Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Katy Pol Katy.Pol[at]lsce.ipsl.fr Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Hans Oerter Hans.Oerter[at]awi.de Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Gerhard Kuhn Gerhard.Kuhn[at]awi.de Marine cores (XRF analyses, grain size)  
York Schlomann York.Schlomann[at]awi.de Ice cores (stable isotopes)  
Anne Bergsträßer Anne.Bergstraesser[at]awi.de    
Tina Kollaske Tina.Kollaske[at]awi.de    
Carlota Escutia Dotti cescutia[at]ugr.es Seismic stratigraphic and sedimentologic studies  
    (IODP) Expedition 318  
Francisco Gimenez Espejo fjjspejo[at]jamstec.go.jp Geochemist (IODP) Expedition 318  
Jhon Jairo Gonzalez jhonjairo[at]ugr.es Physical Properties IODP Expedition 318  
Hans Renssen h.renssen@vu.nl Climate models  
Cedric J. Van Meerbeeck cedric.van.meerbeeck[at]gmail.com Climate models  
Hugues Goosse hugues.goosse[at]uclouvain.be Climate models  
Pierre Mathiot pierre.mathiot[at]uclouvain.be Climate models  
Nadine Mattielli-Carliez nmattiel[at]ulb.ac.be Si isotopes analysis  
Virginia Panizzo Virginia.Panizzo[at]ulb.ac.be Si isotopes on diatoms  
United Kingdom    
Jennifer Pike PikeJ[at]cardiff.ac.uk Quaternary marine diatoms and sedimentological  
    records from the Antarctic margin  
Thomas Gregory GregoryTR[at]Cardiff.ac.uk Quaternary diatom, diatom-derived biomarker  
Claire Allen csall[at]bas.ac.uk Quaternary marine diatoms and sedimentological  
    records from the Antarctic Peninsula  
Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand hilc[at]bas.ac.uk Marine sediment core records and chronology  
Dominic Hodgson daho[at]bas.ac.uk Terrestrial lake sediment records  
Rob Mulvaney rmu[at]bas.ac.uk Ice core records  
Nerelie Abram NABR[at]bas.ac.uk Ice core records  
Raja Ganeshram r.ganeshram[at]ed.ac.uk Carbon cycle in Antarctic sea ice environments  
Amber Annett amber.annett[at]ed.ac.uk Diatom assemblages and Si biogeochemistry in the sea  
    ice environment of western Antarctic Peninsula  
Sian Henley S.F.Henley[at]sms.ed.ac.uk Biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen in the sea ice  
    environment of western Antarctic Peninsula  
Walter Giebert wgeibert[at]staffmail.ed.ac.uk impacts of changes in dust fluxes on glacial-interglacial  
    time scales from marine sediments, Weddell Sea  
Laetitia Pichevin lpichevi[at]staffmail.ed.ac.uk marine sediment proxy development - diatom bound  
    metals and Si isotopes